23 - 06 - 2017

Impulse 323 For Sale - TAS

Impulse - Sail No. 323 - “Spindrift” - Devonport TAS

I’ve had it for the last 25 odd years and once upon a time raced it weekly at the Mersey Yacht Club in Devonport, Tasmania.

Since moving out of home in 1998, Spindrift has sat high and dry in a cradle hanging from the ceiling of my parents garage in Devonport.

I however now live in Perth, WA.

The recent passing of my father who skilful maintained the boat amongst others during it use, means that Mum is downsizing and the boat is looking for a new home.

I currently face an option of finding it a loving home or the seeing the beautiful varnished decks become scrap timber.

I’m hoping there might be someone amongst your Victorian ranks who would consider the cost of a return ticket on the Spirit of Tasmania as an appropriate investment for what would basically be an Impulse that is "free to a good".

The boat is (was) fully rigged and in good condition.

The sail would probably be “old” by current standards and advancements, but still won be a number of trophies!

It has a timber beach trolley that also worked well as cradle on a box trailer.

Overall, I think it would make a great boat for someone looking to get into the sport and learn the craft.

I’d love to think of it going to someone with a love of timber.

Can you please let me know if there is anyone you know who might be interested, or refer them to me.


Stuart McLagan

Thornlie WA

0458 755 117