16 - 08 - 2018

Building an Impulse

A basic Impulse can be built from from 4mm marine ply with a small amount of solid timber utilising the stitch and glue method. Five sheets of 2400x1200mm plywood are sufficient for the task. If you desire to be a little more advanced an Impulse can have closed cell foam laminated to its ply floor, or if you are experienced it is quite possible and legal to home build an Impulse completely out of closed cell foam sheathed in fiberglass. A well built Impulse will be equally competitive no matter what the construction material used; it is really  the builder's skill and experience level that dictates the chosen construction method.


The Australian Impulse Association will provide all necessary documentation to build a  plywood boat using the stitch and glue method. This includes full size paper templates, complete building and rigging instructions, as well as a sail number for your "new flyer" and a measuring service when it is finished. Build your own boat, it is a very satisfying way to go sailing! There are quite a few experienced Impulse builders in your state who are more than happy to assist you throughout your building project if you need any guidance. There are various commercial builders which include Tim Wilson and Jim Scott in Victoria and soon a builder in NSW.


Contact the Australian Impulse Association Registrar, Paul Farrell, on 0429 020 597, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to begin your new boat building project. You can also download the Class Rules here(3.4Mb File). 



Traditional construction, stitch and glue featuring plywood and timber battens



Composite construction, plywood with laminated closed cell foam



Complete closed cell foam and fiberglass construction



543 ready for the decks to be installed.
This boat was built in the composite manner.





The finished product.
Three weeks after being launched 543 sailed into fourth place at the Victorian Championships at Safety Beach Yacht Club, 2005.
2nd at the Victorian Championships, 2006. Royal Yacht Club of Victoria