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32nd Australian Impulse Championships - Paynesville VIC


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RESULTS - Invitation Results 28/12/15 - Provisional

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Keith and Michael at Hotham




32nd Australian Impulse Championships

28/12/2015 to 3/01/2016

Gippsland Lakes YC, Paynesville Victoria

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Entry List (Updated 23/12/2015).

43 Boats Entered

Sail# Boat Name Skipper Home Club Division ?  
565  Alfi  Keith Cousins VIC    Y  
669  Problem  Ray Hobbs Port Curtis SC, QLD    Y  
506  Without a Paddle  John Ibell Port Curtis SC, QLD    Y  
595  Random  Toby Leppin South Gippsland YC, VIC    Y  
443  Sandman  Gary Slater Royal Geelong YC, VIC  G Master (6.6) Y  
659  Best Stressed Mark Phillips Bayview Yacht Racing Assoic, NSW  G Master  Y  
648  Pixie Dust  Kayla Gilchrist Rhyll YC, VIC  Senior (L) (6.6) Y  
649  Too Hard Basket  Matt Draper Rhyll YC, VIC  Senior  Y  
627  Slipknot Tim Brown Tweed Valley SC, NSW  G Master   
TBA  TBA  Wesley Moore Rhyll YC, VIC  Senior  Y  
618 TARFUN  David Mann Port Curtis SC, QLD  Senior  Y  
TBA  TBA  Michael Brown South Lake Macquarie ASC, NSW  Senior  Y  
653  Toes in The Sand  Brett Osborn Largs Bay SS, SA  Senior  Y  
570  Cosmosoarus  David Harrison Brisbane SS, QLD  Master  Y  
TBA  TBA  Dougal Watt Albert Park YC, VIC  Senior  Y  
523  Flying Oyster  Ron Parker Albert Park YC, VIC  Master  Y  
557  Alive & Kicking  Monica Jones Royal Melbourne YS, VIC Senior (L)  
589  White Noise  Stuart Quick Indented Heads YC, VIC  Master  Y  
612  Rhyllistic  Mark Membrey Rhyll YC, VIC  Senior  Y  
637  Double Trouble  Roger Kennett Portarlington SC, VIC  G Master  Y  
643  Plymouth  Michael Robinson Oxley SC, QLD  Master  Y  
641  Littlebitfab  Lachlan Cameron Sugarloaf SC, VIC  Master  Y  
547  Dog Gone Mad  Glenn Bond Toukley YC, NSW  G Master  Y  
597  Electrafy  Leon Raymond Williamstown SC, VIC  G Master  Y  
623  Shuttlebus  Michael Wright Colac YC, VIC    Y  
626 Whykickamoocow  Danny Marion Albert Park YC, VIC    Y  
577  Curlew  Phillip Johnston Albert Park YC, VIC  GG Master  Y  
469  Jaska  Bob Stephens South Lake Macquarie ASC, NSW  GG Master  Y  
647  Time Out  Ross Bradley South Lake Macquarie ASC, NSW    Y  
108  IECON  John Dixon Albert Park YC, VIC  GG Master Y  
TBA  TBA  Ross Kenneally Rhyll YC, VIC  Senior  Y  
453  Mr Plow  Guy Bellamy Teralba ASC, NSW  Senior  Y  
658  Tunnel Vision  Gary Bellamy Teralba ASC, NSW  G Master  Y  
476  Juiced Bradley Legg Rhyll YC, VIC  Junior  Y  
625  Hakuna Matata  Peter Watson Teralba ASC, NSW  G Master Y  
410  Impulse Buy  Casey Slater Royal Geelong YC, VIC  Senior Y  
652  Scuppers  John Gibson Williamstown SC, VIC  Master  Y  
343  Rippin'Gale  Geoff Rippingale South Gippsland YC, VIC  G Master  Y  
594  Astro Boy  Steve Dunn  Albert SC, VIC  G Master  Y  
604  Yellow Paul Farrell  Albert SC, VIC  Senior Y  
634  Sapphire Keith Briers  Oxley SC, QLD  G Master  
514  Windspiel Maria Mohrholz  Port Curtis SC, QLD  G Master (L)   
656  Thunderbird 1  Ben Johnston Rhyll YC, VIC  Senior   
530  Norma Jean  Gary Todd  Albert SC, VIC  G Master  Y  


Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club is a fully-volunteer club located on the foreshore of McMillan Straits and Lake Victoria, Paynesville in East Gippsland. The club was founded in 1937 and has been committed to sailing for over 75 years.

Racing is conducted in on Lake Victoria, one of several which form the salt water Gippsland Lakes.  With relatively shallow water and with only sand dunes between the lake and Bass Straight, the conditions are characterised by a short chop and shifty breeze from most directions, a combination sure to provide a tactical challenge to competitors.

Club Facilities

With the clubhouse located on the shore of the lake the deck and grass areas offer excellent spectator positions, with racing conducted in close proximity to the club.  The clubrooms are modern, with excellent change room facilities and an upstairs function area with bar.

Launching and rigging

Located beside the club is a grassed rigging area and small sandy beach for access to the water, with ample trailer parking at the rear of the club.


The Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club has hosted several major regattas in the past few years, and boast an experienced race management team.  In addition to regattas, the club runs a busy racing schedule for off the beach boats and keelboats, including mid week and weekend sailing.


As is typical for southern states in December/January, the weather can be very hot, with the average temperature in the low 30s.  Keep in mind however that this is a Victorian event, and it is not unheard of to have major rainfall events and cool temperatures even in at the height of summer.


Paynesville is approximately 3.5 hours east of Melbourne, or alternatively a scenic 4.5 hours south of Albury through the Great Dividing Range.  A train service from Melbourne is also available to Bairnsdale, approximately 15 minutes drive from the sailing club.


Paynesville is a popular holiday location so it is advisable to book early.  There are many accommodation options including camping, rental houses and motel style.


Gippsland Lakes Sailing Club list the following accomodation options on their website.

Gippsland Lakes Escapes
http://www.gippslandlakesescapes.com.au/                                                03 5156 0432


Eagle Point Caravan Park
http://eaglepointcaravanpark.com/                                                                 03 5156 6232


The Old Pub, Paynesville
http://publocation.com.au/pubs/vic/paynesville/the-old-pub                03 5156 6442


The Abbey - Raymond Island (Brochure)


Further information may be found at www.visitpaynesville.com.au


The Victorian Impulse Association looks forward to hosting the 32nd National Championship and hope to see a record number of boats attending!