17 - 08 - 2018

NSW Training Day, SLMASC

The NSW association will organise a Impulse training day on Sunday 13th December 2015 at South Lakes ASC, 
If you can attend please let me know via email or phone. Also forward this Email to other Impulse sailors that may like to attend.
It will be a informal day led by sailors as to what we want to cover. 
Schedule is be ready with your boat rigged at 10.30am. On land discussion around setup and boat handling.
If the weather is favourable and time permits then we will head out onto the water for a short session with video recording. 
Michael Brown will be leading the training so we hope to pick up a few tips before team NSW head off to the Nationals. 
This event is open to all financial Impulse members and there is no cost on the day.
There is a club race in the afternoon. If you would like to put newly learnt skills to the test.

Perin Hardie
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