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34th Australian Impulse Championships - Brighton & Seacliff YC, SA

Brighton & Seacliff Yacht Club

Impulse Nationals

28th December – January 3rd 2017/18 

South Australia www.bsyc.com.au


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1st Open and National Champion - Matthew Draper

2nd Open - Glen Collings

3rd Open - Andrew Turnbull-Miller

1st Senior - Ben Johnston

2nd Senior - Jonathon Pullham

3rd Senior - Joshua Young

1st Master - Tony Wild

2nd Master - Stuart Quick

1st Grand Master - Roger Kennett

2nd Grand Master - Toby Leppin

1st Great Grand Master - Stephen Bull

2nd Great Grand Master - Phil Wise

1st Ladies - Monica Jones

Jaska Encouragement Award - Gillian Turnbull-Miller

Day 5 QLD Report - Roger Kennett

Day 5 the final day... sailed out in 5kts that built into 10 -15 kts with some big shifts.. today I got it right. 3rd to first mark finished 5th ... Breeze built to 15 -18 for the second.. worked hard to stay in touch.. finished 7th. Overall equal 5th. 6th on count back.. and Grand Master Champion

Day 4 QLD Report - Andrew Turnbull-Miller

Qld Report Day 4: Summarised by Josh asking me "Can you give me some tips on staying in the lead?" I responded, "why are you asking me?".....(Glen Collins tip was why did you go right when you went successfully left all day)

16-19knots with regular gusts over 20knots (Josh and Gillian claim it was over 20 all the time. Josh had everything pulled on as tight as he has ever had it including his outhaul which was "so tight it was at his chin" and his tack was below the boom)

Race 7: I had a really bad start and went the wrong way up the beat and never recovered. Josh tusseled it out with the top 4 all race and ended 4th

Race 8: I started well, had 'interesting' mark rounding with Matt at the top mark to round 2nd, lead around the bottom mark only to have massive capsize at the start of the run which put me back in the pack. Josh rounded the top mark 5th and worked his way to 1st after the sausage. He then tried to finish the race a triangle too early but managed hold onto 4th 

Gillian decided to have a pretty cruisey 2nd race and happily made her way around the course without a swim.


In other news Gillian also accidentally came out of the AGM as national treasurer. It was on an Impulse she says (pun intended).

Day 4 Report - Roger Kennett

Day 4 of racing.. a day to sort out the men from the men... 10 - 15kts of breeze in the first. Big waves and weed... racing was tight in the top.. finished 6th one second behind 5th..Race two the breeze freshened to 15 to 20 kts.. still with the big waves as big as 6 feet. I struggled for the first two laps back in the high teens... stopped at the bottom to clear weed.. then the boat took off ... a long race so over the next lap slowly keep passing boats.. finished in 7th place. Currently in 6th overall. One more day of racing to go... First outright is decided... but all other are yet to be confirmed..


Day 3 QLD Report - Andrew Turnbull-Miller

The fishermen were out in force in the perfect fishing weather all morning. Thankfully, a 5 knot wind filled in just as we were heading out to the start which built to ~12knots on the way back in.
Race 5: I lead around the first lap only to be overtaken by Live Wire who was flying upwind and finished second. Unfortunately, I was called OCS (There was practically no-one mid line, so I tacked back to port with 40secs to go, so that I could reach down the line for the last 20secs. I then dipped with a few seconds to go. Ultimately Live Wire was blocking my view of the Committee Boat, however they still thought I was over). Josh put a strop on his mainsheet pulley (to create a traveller) which improved speed and height upwind to round 7th at the top mark, however he lost two boats during the race and then 2 on the finishing line.
Race 6: First boat end favoured start resulted in the first general recall of the regatta. The Race Committee then went straight for the 'U Flag' start, unfortunately 3 boats (including Josh) thought the lowering of the General Recall flag (@ 6mins) was the 5min warning and had perfect starts 1min early!
I was first around the top mark, only to hit it as I went around! However, I was still just in the lead after my 360. I then cleared off to have ~100m lead at the gybe mark and won the race by 1 1/2 mins.

Credit - Michael Wright

Credit - Michael Wright

Day 2 QLD Report - Andrew Turnbull-Miller

The forecast was for 20-25knots all night, our flapping tent can confirm. So we knew there was going to be a big swell. As predicted (unlike yesterday), the wind was around 12knots for most of the day. Catching a big wave on the run in the relatively light breeze would have your boom in the centre of the boat with the sail flapping!
Race 3: Josh I were close to each other at the first mark in around 7/8th. Unfortunately Josh slipped back to 13th while I fought back to 3rd. Gillian had a great race finishing 29th, just behind Monica.
Race 4: I went round the top mark in a close 4/5th and gradually caught up to Matt Draper and Glen Collins who were 1st and 2nd. I managed to catch and call starboard on Matt on the last beat who did a very close leebow on me. I then tacked off, missed a shift and overstood the layline letting Glen back through.
Joshua is looking to improve as he was first onto the water getting and last to finish tinkering with his boat!

Credit - Michael Wright

Credit - Michael Wright

Day 1 QLD Report - Andrew Turnbull-Miller

Very mixed day for the fleet.

First race was 8-10knots with Matt Draper, Glen Collins and myself fighting it out at the front with match racing up the last work. (Un?)fortunately Glen was of the three OCS's that race, giving me the race win. Joshua was also OCS but went back and recovered very well to take 4th!
Second race started in similar conditions but very quickly died to 2-4knots on the first beat which mixed up the results compared to the first race, except for Matt Draper that lead around the 1st mark and cleared off. My race result is summarised by the fact that I managed to capsize.....
Gillian grasp of the rules is improving and now needs to work on her confidence.


Credit - Facebook

Day 0 (Invitation Race) QLD Report - Andrew Turnbull-Miller

The wind was 5-8knots as we went out. But it was a day for the lightweights as the wind slowly died out to almost nothing at the finish (with a nasty chop on top of a small swell) and alot of the fleet not making the time limit on the shortened course. 

credit - Facebook

Nationals Notice of Race

Nationals Entry Form

Brighton & Seacliff Impulse Info Sheet PDF - Click Here

About the host club

Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club (BSYC) is one of Adelaide’s leading sailing clubs. More than just a yacht club, we are a function centre, a sailing and aquatics school and a community focus area with two bars and a bistro. People of all ages and backgrounds feel at home in BSYC where there is something for everyone.

BSYC is Adelaide’s foremost off-the-beach yacht club and our experience is gained not just through the successful organisation of Club sailing but the management of numerous state, national and world championships. The club has made a significant contribution to the design and development of yacht classes and BSYC appeals to members of all ages and abilities.

BSYC has currently undergone massive changes in the way that boats are stored, rigged and launched. The addition of new storage sheds and sheltered rigging area consisting of lawned and hard surfaces. Coupled with the easy access from rigging to launching which is just a short transition from the club to the water’s edge makes it the ideal location for National Championships. Full access to the beach is available by concrete ramps with suitable vehicles, the sand is usually hard and flat. Boats can be left secure in the rigging area overnight and road base trailers left on the beach secured in front of the club.

The sailing area straight out in front of the club offers great sailing conditions with the club balcony being the perfect viewing platform for spectators where they can have lunch and drinks as the fleet fights it out on the water.

On the water safety management.

The club is fully equipped with start/finish boats, numerous ribs capable of setting down buoys and setting accurate angles for downwind legs ensuring great racing. They also offer full rescue capabilities. These boats are manned by fully experienced crew to deal with any eventuality. So regardless of entry numbers you can race confidently knowing that all aspects of safety are covered.

Where BSYC is positioned along the coast this makes it easy to commute to local attractions and has numerous local accommodation options available to travelling guests. Glenelg is only a 15mins drive north where beach, shops, attractions and café culture is in abundance. With a short ride south to the amazing vineyards of McLaren Vale with vast number of cellar doors offering beautiful scenery, wine tasting and dining options, a must do while visiting South Australia!


Accommodation options close to Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club


This is adjacent the Yacht club to the south and is very close they offer a range of high quality cabins, caravans and camp sites, very popular. www.seawallapartments.com.au

This accommodation is a few km’s north up the coast by car from the club but is very close to Glenelg which is walking distance along the beach front which offers some of the best coastal and sea views.

Brighton Holiday Lodge Adelaide – Facebook



www.hotelsaccommodation.com.au/South_Brighton-South_Australia/ www.seacliffbeachhotel.com.au

Location just north of the sailing club in easy walking distance on the foreshore with great sea views.

Any further information can be gained from BSYC website.

Also on a more personal level don’t hesitate to contact:

Tony Wild (SA President) 0404075124 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mike Trott (Secretary) 0498671560 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.