19 - 07 - 2018

VIC - Cairn Curran SC Training Weekend

Impulse Training Weekend.

Firstly I'd like to thank Cairn Curran Sailing Club for hosting the event, the Impulse Association for supporting and providing the funding to make the weekend as superb as it was off the water and the sailors and helpers who came along to make the weekend as successful as it was.

We started off the event casually on Friday with setting up the boats and camp area for early birds. The weather was quite disgusting with rain and squalls blowing through at one hell of a pace. Only one idiot took up the chance for a sail screaming around until eventually trying out how cold the lake was with a refreshing dip. Yes I'm the idiot!!! Most of us chose to go the the Maldon Pub for dinner which was very nice.

We had 17 Impulses sign on for the race Saturday, 19 participants with boats involved in the training and 4 who came without boats to help and enjoy the off the water training. The racing Saturday was in great breeze and got off to a close start with everyone's energy up after a sensational lunch provided by Loraine at the club. ( home made pies and scones). There was a bit of separation on the first leg due to a favored side of the course but overall the racing was close throughout the fleet. (Results on sailwave.com) After the race some went for a bit of reaching practice and others headed in to the roaring fire CC had stoked  up for us.

After the race we had a bit of free time to socialize aver a beer or three and some of us took the opportunity to sail the RC yachts that are quickly becoming a fun pastime. Soon after we had our race debrief over some drinks and nibbles. To begin this session we had the first three place getters start off by explaining how they approached the start through to the finish and what strings they pulled to ultimately do so well. This went down a treat stimulating much conversation amongst the group. The theme continued with an open forum with everyone sharing ideas and theories where I'm sure we all learnt quite a bit.

Soon after this we had Craig Ginnivan, who recently competed in The Finn Masters where there were well over 300 competitors gracing the waters of lake Garda Italy, give us a session on how he approaches the start and the first leg in big fleets. Craig covered this very well as well as more with much to be learnt and great interest from the group.

We had a break whilst we had dinner, once again provided by Loraine ( slow cooked beef, roast potatoes, pumpkin and veggies. So yummy. Followed by stick date pudding and lemon cake.). Whilst consuming some of the nicest food I've had we played the days videos Colin had taken during the race. It was great to see how we sailed our own boat compared to others. 

After dinner consisted of watching the final race of the Laser Class at the London Olympics. This race was chosen as it highlighted many aspects of boat handling around the course, how to cover, and when to or not to cover. After this we discussed what we saw and once again it was both stimulating and informative. The rest of the evening we socialized and eventually wandered off to bed.

Bacon and eggs, cereal, toast and coffee were just some of the things on the menu for breakfast and we followed this by our first session of the day. This consisted of going from boat to boat looking at rigging, fittings, sails and set ups where we learnt from the top sailors what they did and what changes we could try. A few took this opportunity to make adjustments prior to our first on the water session which was shortly to follow and others tried the advise on the water with great feedback after the session on how their boats had improved.

The next session consisted of starting and a 300 meter windward and return course. We repeated this for around an hour and a half completing 6 full mini races before heading in for lunch break. During the session we had Matt, Ben, Chas and myself either stopping during the race or following the fleet offering advise on settings etc. This was probably  one of the best sessions for improvements as many made huge gains by pulling the right strings at the right times after some coaching.

We had lunch ( home made pies, toasties, scones and chilly chocolate biscuits from Lorraine again) and soon after had a debrief session to cover the races. Once again much discussion was had and much learnt.

Our plans were to give the option for those who had to travel to pack up at this stage and for those who wanted to put into practice what they had learnt. We placed some marks out for free practice with some chose to pack up and many took this opportunity to do a bit more sailing until about 3.30 where we closed the session and went on our merry way.

Overall the feedback was terrific and I think it's something we should be looking at doing each year. I certainly got heaps put of it and I hope everyone else did as well. I know I put on a few kilograms!!!!!!! There are many individuals to thank for their assistance and they have been personally and over other forums. They know who they are and thanks again as without people like yourselves people like us wouldn't experience such events that are only done to help us improve as well a get to know other members of the class we love.

The videos taken throughout the weekend will be posted on the site as soon as the editing is  finalized soon.






Pre season training weekend at Cairn Curran Sailing Club on the weekend of the 12th August in conjunction with the last winter series race.
The proposed format will be as follows:

Sat 12th 
10 am club opens for rigging and camping set up.
12 pm shared lunch with meet and greet for those new to the class etc
1.30 afternoon racing.
Immediately after racing, debrief around open fire in clubhouse to talk about racing and share any tips or experiences had during the day. The point of the weekend is not just improve the heigh performers in the class but to help out those new to the class with tips and ideas to help them close up the gap to the faster boats.
630 to 7 dinner served in the clubhouse followed by a video of the London Olympic medal race in the Laser class featuring Tom Slingsby and a short talk and open discussion 
on what people saw in the video and what can be learnt from it.
Sunday 13th
9 am breakfast
10 am boat inspections with rigging and tuning tips. 
11 am Sail design and setting tips from Matt?
11.30 hit the water for starting practice and short first work to mark. Re group and repeat until 12.30 to 1 pm
1 pm Lunch break with debrief about what we learnt in the session.
2 pm free sailing for those keen to stay on for an afternoon training session and for those who want to get away pack up and head home.
3.30 debrief of afternoon session, and pack up.

More info to follow. (Cost will be only to cover food and club costs so Would be between 20 and 30 per head, but to be confirmed)

Updates may be posted on the Facebook Event Page